Cover Tape Extenders

COVER TAPE EXTENDERS: Our most popular product with our customers. One of the biggest problems is the waste of components on a reel that doesn’t have a leader at the beginning of the SMD reel. Cover Tape Extenders are used for the partial reels that don’t have a leader. The Cover Tape Extender adds an additional 500mm of tape as a leader. They feed into your SMT feeder as a piece of covertape. Cover Tape Extenders reduce the loss of components when you have no leader tape to work with.

Your customer orders 200 boards and provides you with 200 components on each reel and ONLY 200. You cannot waste expensive components, so how do you use your automatic equipment without losing components or time-consuming retaping? With tape extenders, you have no waste. You can use partial reels with a Cover Tape Extender and feed the machine without any waste.

Cover Tape Extenders come in sizes for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm and 32mm carrier tapes.

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