(8/5/19) The simplest solution is usually the best.

With all the different splicing solutions that Smart Splice has to offer, there is something to be said for one of our easiest to use alignment jigs. This jig fits on the middle finger of the machine operator, and is used to align our new double edge splice tapes with the carrier/cover tape. The best thing is that it has no moving parts and can help to splice any type of carrier/cover tape, as well as any width of carrier tape from 8-72mm. Just head over to our web site www.smartsplice.com and visit the handy “how to” product video section or Click this Link for the simple to follow instructions! While you are there, check out all of our other tape splicing solutions, tape cutters, and splicing tools. We hope to see you there soon, and please remember to ask us any questions you may have or bring us any of your splicing challenges.

Finger Alignment Jig

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