(6/11/19) Tape splicing at the speed of light!


Okay, Okay, so maybe not quite that fast, but still much faster than any tape feeder on your pick and place line. With so many options for splicing on-the-fly, you will never need to remove your feeders from your pick and place machines for splicing again. Smart Splice is yet again leading the market with the newest tape splices that include; double splice tape, clip and splice tape, double edge splice tape, and even the latest in our line-up, double edge splice tape with on board pin jig alignment! When we introduce you to these new splices, you will truly see the thousands, and in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars that are being saved by tape splicing the Smart Splice way!

Double Edge Splice Tape w/Pin Jig Alignment

SR with Pins TopSR with Pins Bottom


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