(5/8/19) Scissors are so yesterday!

Are you still having issues with tape splicing jams on your tape feeders? Even using the highest quality tape splicing materials from Smart Splice, can’t guarantee a seamless splice on any size carrier tape if you don’t start with a perfect cut of that tape. That cut requires the use of an alignment system on the cutters you choose to use (not someone’s old scissors from their desk drawer). Smart Splice now has the widest selection of cutters available on the market today! There are three cutters that use the scissor format with alignment blocks for that perfect cut, two are for 8mm tapes (one of these uses a special zig zag cut), and one is for 12-32mm tapes. We have added three new cantilever models that can be mounted on a cart or workstation with replaceable blades. These models are used for 8mm, 8-32mm, and 8-88mm tapes and they all have various pitch alignments. So please visit www.smartsplice.com to see all these tape cutting options, and combine these with our top of the line tape splicing materials before you have another tape feeder jam!

Splice Tools
Scissor Type Cutters w/Alignment Blocks
new cutters
Cantilever Cutters w/Alignment
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