(4/29/19) Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

There is no reason to keep trying to “make do” with scotch tape, kapton tape, or any other inferior tape splicing products. Smart Splice has been the “go to” tape splicing specialists in the US, Canada, and Mexico for over 20 years now. If you have a splicing need, we most likely have been addressing it for years, and have the right solution for you without trying to figure it out on your own. To this end, Smart Splice is again at the forefront of the industry with the first Double Edge Splice Tape! Double edge splice tape eliminates the need to use brass splicing clips and the tools associated with them. Double edge splice tape splices the cover tape and both edges of the carrier tape on the top and bottom, all on one splice! These splices come in 2 styles, one type is used for Panasonic and Yamaha smart feeders, and the other type is used for every other feeder including smart feeders. For more information you can request a quote form our Online Store, or fill out the information on our Contact Us page to request pricing or samples.

double edge tape
8mm Double Edge Splice Tape
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